Nightlife in Varanasi

Varanasi is quintessentially a conventional city, deeply rooted in its traditional values, centuries-old culture and religion. It is one of those rare cities in India that continues to reflect the old desi charm that has long lost in modern India. This unusual aura of the city has attracted tourists from all over the world. Not to forget, the auspiciousness of the city, that draws thousands of pilgrims towards itself every year.

A part of Varanasi, however, could not stay away from the contemporary cosmopolitan culture that is so “in” nowadays. Thanks to the youths in the city, shopping malls with international brands and sizzling nightlife are gaining popularity in the city.

Nightlife in Varanasi

Talking about nightlife in Varanasi, the city still has a long way to go. A few night clubs and discotheques here and there in the city is all that Varanasi has got in the name of nightlife. And since the city is an early-riser, it goes to sleep early leaving no room for a happening nightlife. If you want to experience the true Varanasi nightlife head to the banks or ghats to enjoy a relaxed and blissful evening. Classical concerts keep happening now and then in the city and are regarded as the only entertainment option in Varanasi.

There are, however, a number of cafeterias in Varanasi and if you want to escape the daily rituals in the ghats and have a peaceful, long conversation with your companions, these cafeterias are a good option.
Another great way to enjoy nightlife in Varanasi is to go for a boat ride. The brightly – lit panaromic view of the entire holy city is indeed captivating. A boat ride on the calm river water of Ganges under moon-lit night also serves as an ideal romantic escapade. It’s a must try if you are visiting the city with your partner.

Among the cafeterias a must visit is the Open Hand Cafe at Dumraub Bagh. This clean cafe serves world-class espresso and delicious pancakes, muffins, muesli and fresh juices. This cafeteria also serves as a gift shop and you get a range of handicrafts in store.

Nightlife Restaurants in Varanasi

Another popular choice for cafeteria is Aum Cafe at Assi Ghat, run by a fun-loving hippie American. Try out the cafe’s yummy breakfast in the morning and go for a nice body massage and body piercing during the evening in the cafe.

There are not many options when it come to pubs and hard drinks. Since, Varanasi is revered as a holy city, people prefer to mostly stay away from these beverages. But among the lot Princep Bar at Getaway Hotel Ganges on Raja Bazaar Road is the best. They serves beer and a variety of mocktails at a reasonable rate.

One of the most favourite places in Varanasi for an ideal, exciting nightlife is Mango Verra at Hotel Surya. Sitting on the hotel’s quaint garden area you can enjoy a hookah, available at Rs 300 and enjoy a beer along with it. You can along enjoy a glass of wine with an assortment of kebabs at this place.
Patiala Peg, another beer bar in town is often visited by night lovers. It is situated in Meraden Grand Hotel. This place is known for its varieties of wines and cocktails.

Bar in Varanasi

Ghazal Bar in Patel Nagar is a pub that comes with entertaining musical shows. If you are in mood to have a glass of beer with some slow romantic ghazal playing on the background - this is the ideal place to be.

Other moderate bars in the city are Windser Bar, Tarang Bar, The Sol Bar, Trishna Bar, Pool Side Bar and Energy Point Bar among others.

If you are in a partying and dancing mood you can visit Agni at Hotel Siddharth or Hotel Radisson for a hep dance bar.

Varanasi might not prove to the best getaway for night lovers but if you want to enjoy your nightlife a little differently in a rather quirky way, then the city is not a bad option either.

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