Banarasi Sarees in Varanasi

Banarasi saree is an extremely beautiful and delicate piece of work from the weavers of Benaras, now known as Varanasi. These sarees have a history of over 1000 years and are hailed as one of the finest woven sarees in India. Its heavy embroidery blended with fine gold and silver brocades makes these sarees a thing of wonder.

Banarasi Saree Design

The designs of Benarasi sarees are heavily inspired from Mughal artwork. The floral motifs, design of kalga and bels, intertwined leaves, jhallar layout on the border of the saree – all owes its origin from artisans of Mughal Dynasty. Banarasi sarees for ages have been an indispensable part of Hindu brideswear. Not only the bright and colourful makes the bride look more gorgeous, the saree having its roots from the holiest cities of the Hindus is also considered to be immensely auspicious.

Origin of Banarasi Saree

Many historians claim that Varanasi has been predominantly a cotton industrial belt. They claim that it was after Gujarat famine in 1603 when Gujarati silk weavers shifted to Varanasi; silk brocade weaving was introduced in the region. During the Mughal Dynasty gold and silver thread weaving popularised in Varanasi. The compilation of silk brocade with thread works is a much later invention.

Types of Banarasi Sarees

Baranasi sarees can be broadly categorized into four types namely:
  1. Pure silk or Katan
  2. Organza or kora
  3. Georgette
  4. Shattir

The designs on the sarees are also catergorized as
  • Tanchoi
  • Jangla
  • Cutwork
  • Vaskat
  • Tissue
  • Butidar

Banarasi Saree in modern times

The colourful and glitzy Banarasi sarees are mostly worn during bridal ceremonies. Less heavier and easy-to-tackle modern sarees are finding more takers nowadays and weavers of Baranasi sarees are going through its all-time low period. Controversies related to toxic floe of colours used in Banarasi sarees forced the weavers to change to natural dye. Various associations such as Uttar Pradesh Handloom Fabrics Marketing Cooperative Federation, Varanasi Vastra Udyog Sangha, Banaras Hath Karga Samiti are working hard on improving the market of Banarasi sarees both within and outside India.

Modern design of Banarasi Saree

Here’s a list of some of the best Baranasi saree shops in Varanasi:

Muslim Silk Factory in Varanasi
C19/173 B, Near VIP Lawn
Lallapura, Varanasi - 221010
Phone no.: 0542 2416872

Rajan Silk Store
Near Bank Of India, Varanasi Main Branch
Ground Floor, New Market, Ash Bhairo Chowk
Chowk Thana, Varanasi – 221001
Phone no.: 0542 2413123

United Silk Weavers Cooperative Society Ltd
A-16/1-A-2, Bhadau Chungi
Ganga Nagar Colony, Adampur, Rajghat
Varanasi – 221001
Phone no.: 0542 2441099

Ajanta Saree & Ajanta Silk Store
Ck-27/13, Chowk Road, Opposite Ganesh Temple
Near Chowk Thana, Chowk Thana
Varanasi – 221001
Phone no.: 0542 2392690

Akriti Collections
1-CB 21/ 87-88, Kashiraj Appartment
Near Sishmahal Colony
Kamachha, Varanasi – 221001
Phone no.: 9838645675

A Complete Family Store
C21/4- A 3, Subhkamna Wedding Mall
Maldahiya, Varanasi - 22100
Phone no.: 0542 2401972

Krishna Sarees in Varanasi
26/9, Choukhambha
Varanasi H O, Varanasi – 221001
Phone no.: 9336438895

Narayan Saree Centre
Nariyal Bazar Behind Chowk Police Station
Varanasi H O, Varanasi – 221001
Phone no.: 0542 2400422

Vishwnath Agency
D-38/133, Basfatak
Varanasi H O, Varanasi – 221001
Phone no.: 9794389433

Gupta International
S- 19/122, Varuna Bridge, P. W. D. Road
Varanasi – 221002
Phone no.: 09953352645

Lakhwani Brothers
Ck 58/11, Ash Bhairo
Varanasi H O, Varanasi – 221001
Phone no.: 0542 2331573

Tirupati Saree Centre
Ck 39/74-76, Raja Katra Chowk
Varanasi H O, Varanasi - 221001
Phone no.: 0542 2390674

Brij Mohan Das & Brothers
C K.6/13, Near SAI Baba Temple
Gola Gali, Varanasi H O
Varanasi - 221001
Phone no.: 0542 2420152

Damani & Company
K 39/1a,Golghar
Varanasi H O, Varanasi – 221001
Phone no.: 9415303203

Hastkala Niketan
Ck 33/71-72,Neel Kanth
Varanasi H O, Varanasi – 221001
Phone no.: 9415224076

Har Narain Group
Ck 24/19,Kunjgali
Varanasi H O, Varanasi - 221001
Phone no.: 9336900339

B 18/162-S-3,Reori Talab
Varanasi H O, Varanasi – 221001
Phone no.: 9984809084
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