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Gas Agency in Varanasi

Liquified Petroleum Gas, popularly known as LPG, has clearly conquered the kitchenette in contemporary times. It is impossible to think of going back to the old charcoal days and wait patiently for the fire to flare up. LPGs have made our life simpler, easier and made cooking a fun-affair. LPG gas connection is available widely throughout the country and nowadays, it is hard to find a house without LPG connection.

How to Get new Gas connection in Varanasi

Varanasi, one of the most populous cities in India has a number of gas agencies that provides safe and reliable gas connection to households. Some of the renowned gas agencies found in the city are Indane gas agency, HP gas agency, Bharat Petroleum gas agency, Indrani gas agency, Sarnath gas agency, Vikas gas agency and Vaishno gas agency.

New Gas Connection in Varanasi

For a new gas connection, certain pointers should be kept in mind
  • The purchaser should not have any prior LPG connection from any public sector oil companies or Piped Natural Gas from CGD companies.
  • For a new gas connection, purchaser must submit the Know your Customer (KYC) form and along with attach address proof, residence proof and Aadhar card for subsidized rate.

Before applying for a new connection online check the following documents:
Legitimate Email ID
Legitimate Telephone Number
Identification of nearest distributor

The 14.2kg domestic cylinder from Indane will cost Rs 1250 and for 5 kg cylinder the price is Rs 350. The cost of pressure regulator is Rs 150. For North eastern states, 14.2 kg cylinders cost Rs 900 and Rs 350 for 5 kg cylinders.

Two 14.2 cylinders of HP and BP gas on new connection will cost Rs 1450 each. Money is refundable. Regulator is priced at Rs 150. In north eastern states refundable deposit of two cylinders are priced at Rs 1150.

Let’s take a microscopic look at all these agencies situated in the holy city:

Indane Gas Agency in Varanasi

Indane, a product of Indian Oil is one of the leading LPG cylinder distributors in the country as well as Varanasi. The agency caters to over 50 million households countrywide. The agency supplies Domestic LPG, Industrial or Commercial LPG, Bulk LPG, Auto LPG and other non-fuel products such as stove or hotplate and Suraksha hose. Gas booking can be done through telephone, online or agency counter. There are about 25 gas agencies in Varanasi supplying Indane LPG, here’s the list:
Army Indane
Supply Depot
ASC, Varanasi Cantt
Phone no.: 2505677

Bhagyashree Gas Agency
Ck 58/7, Narayankatra
Nichi Bagh, Varanasi
Phone no.: 5422333877

Commndt. 34 Bn. PAC
Pac Camp, 34 Battalian Pac
Bhullanpur, Varanasi
Phone no.: 05422370499

Dharam Gas Seva
C 27/99-A, Dhoopchandi
Jagatganj, Varanasi
Phone no.: 05422201243, 9598051151

Harsh Gases
D-63/10, Mahnoor Ganj
Phone no.: 05422220416

Indrani Gas Agency
Puspak Market, Kukarmatha
Phone no.: 5422319645

Kashi Gas & Appliances
D98/2, Shop No. 7, Bhavani Market
Sigra, Varanasi
Phone no.: 5422350412

Mishra Gas Service
A-3/4-A, Machodri
Trilochan Bazar, Varanasi
Phone no.: 5422331009

Mukund Gas Service
6-B,31/33,Bandhu Niwas lanka
Varanasi- 221005
Phone no.: 0542-2369802, 2369806, 2369803

Rahul Gas Service

D-65/224-C, G.T. Road
Lahartara, Varanasi
Phone no.: 5422372555

Rajghat Gas Service
A-34/46-C-1, Bhadaun
Rajghat, Varanasi
Phone no.: 2441486, 2441476

Rajshri Gas Service
S-19/50, Near Varuna Bridge
Phone no.: 5422345635

Saigal Gas Agency
B 21/196, Kamachha
Phone no.: 5422400781

Sarnath Gas Agency
Kusth Sewa Ram Road
Ashapur Sarnath, Varanasi
Phone no.: 5422586860

Shree Hanuman Gas Service
S-13/35-36, Shri Ram Katra Teliabagh
Phone no.: 5422207432

Shri Baldeo Indane Gas Service
Villa & Post Baragaon
Phone no.: 05422622744

Shri Indane Gas Service
Ganga Bagh Colony
Lanka, Varanasi
Phone no.: 05422366560

Sri Baba Vishwanath Indane Gas Service
2/130/1. Sahityanaka, Ramnagar
Phone no.: 0542288567

Sri Mahadev Indane Gas Sewa
SH-15/73A/A 1,Bharlai, Shivpur
Varanasi - 221002
Phone no.: 05422280075

Sri Ram Gas Service
B-37/122-2, Birdopur
Mahmoorganj, Varanasi
Phone no.: 5422362943

Supply Depot Gas Agency
Oc/41 (I), Supply ASC Cantt
Phone no.: 5422345901

Vadami Indane Gas Service
Sa-4/72-k-6,Daulatpur Pahariya
Phone no.: 5422582548

Vaishno Gas Agency
S-6/17-A, Orderly Bazar
Phone no.: 5422506821

Varanasi Gas Service
Shop-No.6, Imlak 11
Nadesar, Varanasi
Phone no.: 5422342792

Varanasi Police Indane Gas Service
Police Lines, Varanasi
Phone no.: 5422340020

Vikas Gas Agency
E 11/9 Shastri Nagar Colony
Sigra, Varanasi - 221010
Phone no.: 05422221144, 05422223399

Hindustan Petroleum Gas Agency in Varanasi

Hindustan Petroleum gas agencies are part of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL). Bookingof HP gas can be done over the counter, online or through telephone. The company produced HP gas that gets delivered to millions of home in India. Varanasi has a couple of agencies supplying HP gas. Here’s a list:

Abhay Gas Service in Varanasi
Plot No 198, Vindhyavansini Nagar
Aradali Bazar, Varanasi - 221003
Phone no.: 0542 3471639

Rohini Gas Service
N-8/239j-1, M Newada
Sunderpur, Varanasi - 221005
Phone no.: 0542 2319725

Bharat Petroleum Gas Agency in Varanasi

Bharat Petroleum gas is a product of Bharat Petroleum Gas Agency and has over 2000 distributors all over India. The company produces Industrial LPG, Auto LPG, Piped LPF and Bharat Metal Cutting LPG. It has its agencies in the holy city Varanasi as well. Here are the locations:

Kisan Mitra - EC
C-33-45E-6, Chittupura Indra Nagar
OPP. Current Coaching
Sigra, Varanasi

Laxmi Gas Service
Shop No. 37, Hathua Market
Phone no.: 0542 2418874, 3253933, 9415203669

Suman Bharat Gas
Gaura Kala Bazar
Phone no.: 05423255833, 9839119590, 9839119590

Urvashi gas agency
Shop no. S.3/61-62
Orderly Bazar
Phone no.: 0542 2506818, 9450183754, 9450183754

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