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Durga Temple Varanasi

Durga Temple in Varanasi is located in Ramnagar region of the city dedicated to Hindu goddess Durga. Constructed 500 years ago in the erstwhile Benaras, the temple reflects Indian culture extensively. The goddess inside the temple continues to be considered as the chief deity for the royal family of Varanasi right from the days of  British rule.

Durgakund Temple in Varanasi

North Indian stonework is perfectly represented in this magnificent piece of religious structure. Perfect sanctity is experienced in the temple premises with a beautiful and clean pond maintained around it. Devotees are known to take a holy dip in it before visiting the temple. A similar structure known as Durga Temple was built again there offering more sophistication for the visitors with a pond located nearby called Durga Kund.

Structure of Durga Temple

Durga Temple
Understanding key features about the temple such as how and who has constructed it will let you have a sneak peek at the past. Alternatively regarded as Monkey Temple due to the cohabitation of a huge number of monkeys, this temple has achieved more benefits in the recent past with the consideration of best features as per the requirement. The multi-tiered gopuram of this North India temple reflects maximum devotees each year, which was constructed by a Bengali queen.
One of the unique features of this temple is that it is completely made of stone including the pond steps as well.

Statue of Goddess Durga

The main deity worshipped is Goddess Durga often referred to as Maa Shakti as well. One of the interesting facts about Durga Mandir in Varanasi is that of the statue. It is highly believed that statue is not made by humans but is a natural creation. Devotees adorn the statue beautifully with flowers and ornaments on special occasions such as Durgashtami and Navratri with pomp and fervour to seek Devi Maa’s blessings.

People are seen visiting Durga Mandir all over from India to offer their sacred prayers to the deity. It is believed that the goddess grants wishes of all those who pray to Maa Shakti. The divine incarnation of devi in an ultimate manner could be witnessed here with Shiva’s trident in one hand, Vishnu’s discus on the other and Brahma’s radiance depicting all over.

Legend Associated with Durga Temple in Varanasi

Ayodhya king, Dhriva Sandhi had two sons namely Sudarshana from first wife Queen Manorama and Satrijith from second wife Queen Lilavathi. One day Dhriva Sandhi dies suddenly after going for a hunt. After learning that Sudarshana was about to be crowned as king, Lilavathi’s father Yathajith hatches a lethal plan to evict out him. Fearing for her son’s life, Manorama reaches the abode of Saint Bharadwaja at Trikutaadri.

Durga Temple Varanasi

Sudarshana hones the skills of a warrior and student under the careful guidance of Bharadwaja. However, he started praying to Maa Durga for more powers upon the insistence of the saint. Impressed by the devotion of Sudarshana, the goddess appears before him offering the king with a spiritual bow and arrows that helps in remaining undefeated in the battle field.
Meanwhile, it was Sasikala, the daughter of Kashi king Subahu, who falls in love with him. Impressed with the great fighting skills of Sudarshana, he learns about the secret behind. Eventually, even Subahu starts praying to the goddess and she asks him to make a wish. The king asks her to reside in the city of Kashi forever. As the wish has been granted, Subahu constructs Durga Temple on the banks of Durga Kund.

How to Reach Durga Temple Varanasi

Durga Temple could be visited from Varanasi by taking one of the regular bus services from Ramnagar and Birdopur. Autorickshaws too could be hired to visit the temple. Metered taxis too are available in case you are looking for more privacy. The temple is located at a distance of mere 2 km from Banaras Hindu University (BHU). Alternatively, it can be reached after covering 14 km from Cantt Varanasi.


Durga Temple is open to everyone on all days throughout the year starting from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

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