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Banks in Varanasi

Banks are financial institutions that can be correctly termed as the economic backbone of a country. It helps in restoring and balancing the economy of a country. Through its money-lending policy, banks also acts as a saviour to individuals who are in desperate need of quick financial assistance. Today, banks are largely responsible for the upliftment of living standards of people. India has a number of public and private banks that largely contribute in stabilizing India’s economic status.

Dena Bank in Varanasi

Here a list of the different banks that can be found in Varanasi.

Allahabad Bank Branches in Varanasi

Varanasi Kamachha
B-21 56, Kamachha
Phone no.: 0542 2455768
IFSC Code: ALLA0210547
MICR Code: 221010005
Branch Code: 210547

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Bank of Baroda

Dlw Varanasi Branch
Near Narmada Primary School
Varanasi - 221004
Phone no.: 0542-2270457
MICR Code: 221012010
Branch Code: DLWVAR

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State Bank of India

Adb Sarnath
Varanasi - 221007
Phone no.: 0542 2585035 0542-2588508
IFSC Code: SBIN0004560
MICR Code: 221002017
Branch Code: 004560

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Union Bank of India

Varanasi Main
D-37 22, Dasawamedh Road
Varanasi - 221001
IFSC Code: UBIN0530352
MICR Code: 221026002
Branch Code: 530352

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IDBI Bank in Varanasi

Varanasi Main Branch
Siddarth Building, IIIrd Floo, Balmatta Road
Phone no.: 0542 2224023
IFSC Code: IBKL0000152
MICR Code: 221259003
Branch Code: 000152

IDBI Varanasi Sigra
Ground Floor, Arihant Complex
Nagar Nigam Road, Sigra
Phone no.: 0542 2226501
IFSC Code: IBKL0000081
MICR Code: 221259002
Branch Code: 000081

Indian Bank in Varanasi

D - 48 122 Missirpokhra
Godowlia, Varanasi - 221001
Phone no.: 0542 2411386
IFSC Code: IDIB000G035
MICR Code: 221019003
Branch Code: 00G035

Indian Bank Lahurabir Varanasi
No.c-7 34-b
Lahurabir, Varanasi 221001
Phone no.: 0542 2414217
IFSC Code: IDIB000V009
MICR Code: 221019002
Branch Code: 00V009

Bank of India Branches in Varanasi

5-2. 1/1 KA, Tagore Town Colony
Orderly Bazar, Varanasi - 221002
Phone no.: 09451964833
IFSC Code: BKID0006906

Varanasi Service

Aaj Bhavan, Sant Kabir
Lohatia, Varanasi -221001

Cash Administration Cell
Opposite Kutchery
Dist. Varanasi - 221002
Phone no.: 0542 2504227

SSI Varanasi

Varanasi Main Branch Annexe
Near Kachahari
Varanasi Cantt - 221002
Phone no.: 0542 2508281

Varanasi Chowk,58/54
Ash Bhairo, Varanasi - 221001
Phone no.: 07272 258104

HDFC Bank Branches in Varanasi

Kush Complex
D-58 9a 1kkush Complex
Near Sigra Crossing
IFSC Code: HDFC0001133
MICR Code: 221240005
Branch Code: 001133

Varanasi Godowlia
Ishwar Tower, Nagar Nigam No D-48 141
Amisipokhra, Dashaswamedh Ward
Varanasi – 221002
IFSC Code: HDFC0000468
MICR Code: 221240003
Branch Code: 000468

Varanasi III
C-7 39 Bmaidagin Road
Lahurabir, Varanasi
IFSC Code: HDFC0001087
MICR Code: 221240006
Branch Code: 001087

Varanasi Luxa Road
Ground Floor And Mezzanine Floor
katra Radha Krishnad-47 198
Luxa Road, Godwlia
IFSC Code: HDFC0001465
MICR Code: 221240004
Branch Code: 001465

Orderly Bazaar Varanasi
Orderly Bazaar Unit No.1
Plot No.1542A, Maqbool Alam Road
Varanasi Trade Center, Varanasi
IFSC Code: HDFC0002028
MICR Code: 221240007
Branch Code: 002028

Varanasi Rathyatra Crsg
Kuber Complex, D-58 2,Rathyatra Crossing
Varanasi - 221010
IFSC Code: HDFC0000220
MICR Code: 221240002
Branch Code: 000220

United Bank of India Branches in Varanasi

Santi Market, C-21 88a-1
Lahurabir, Varanasi - 221001
Phone no.: 0542 2358497
MICR Code: 221027003
Branch Code: LHB515

D-37 35, Bardeo, Godhulia
Dist-varanasi - 221001
Phone no.: 0542 2393746
MICR Code: 221027002
Branch Code: VAR502

Vijaya Bank Varanasi

Varanasi UP
P B No 7, No 48 141 A
1st Fl,misir Pokhra, Luxa Road
Varanasi – 221001
IFSC Code: VIJB0007109
MICR Code: 221029002
Branch Code: 007109

Indian Section Theosophical Soceity Extention Counter Varanasi
Extention Counter
Indian Section Theosophical Society
Kamachha, Varanasi - 221001
IFSC Code: VIJB0007183
MICR Code: 221029003
Branch Code: 007183

Bank of Maharashtra in Varanasi

Bank of Maharashtra Varanasi Main Branch
Ck 59 14-15
Bubna Bhawan Nichi Bag
Varanasi - 221001
IFSC Code: MAHB0000472
MICR Code: 221014002
Branch Code: 000472

Sigra Varanasi
D-58 12 A-3 Gandhi Nagar
Sigra, Varanasi- 221010
Phone no.: 0542 2227021, 2227022
IFSC Code: MAHB0001290
Branch Code: 001290

Oriental Bank of Commerce

Sigra Varanasi
D 58 9, A-1,Natraj Cinema Campus
Sigra, Varanasi - 221010
IFSC Code: ORBC0100834
MICR Code: 221022004
Branch Code: 100834

Varanasi Dharam Sangh Siksh
Dharam Sangh Siksha Ml
Durgakund, Varanasi - 221010
Phone no.: 0542 2311316
IFSC Code: ORBC0105223
Branch Code: 105223

Varanasi Jangambari

D-40 17, Jangam Bari Road
Godoliya, Varanasi - 221001
IFSC Code: ORBC0100666
MICR Code: 221022003
Branch Code: 100666

Nichi Bagh Varanasi
Ck-59 13, Nichi Bagh
Varanasi - 221100
IFSC Code: ORBC0100225
MICR Code: 221022002
Branch Code: 100225

Varanasi Lahuravir
C-21 4 Kha Hari Complex
Maldahiya, Varanasi- 221002
Phone no.: 0542 2413140
IFSC Code: ORBC0100835
MICR Code: 221022005
Branch Code: 100835

Dena Bank Branches in Varanasi

Varanasi Mahmoorganj
B37 122, Sehgal Complex
Rathyatra, Mahmoorganj
Phone no.: 0542 2364226
IFSC Code: BKDN0721128
MICR Code: 221018003
Branch Code: 721128

Varanasi Bulanala
Bulanala, Godolia Road
Varanasi - 221001
Phone no.: 0542 2414209
IFSC Code: BKDN0720607
MICR Code: 221018002
Branch Code: 720607

Corporation Bank Varanasi

D-48 126, Girija Ghar
Godawlia, Varanasi-221001
Phone no.: 0542 2412395, 2414898
MICR Code: 221017002
Branch Code: 000266

Central Bank of India in Varanasi

Varanasi Regional Office

Lanka, Varanasi
Dist- Varanasi--221005
IFSC Code: CBIN0281841
Branch Code: 281841

Bisesarganj Varanasi
Varanasi Branch, Street Field Road
Phone no.: 9450543631
IFSC Code: CBIN0280193
MICR Code: 221016007
Branch Code: 280193

Khojwan Bazar Varanasi
Ganga Sagar Bldg.
Plot No. 10 & 17, Jawahar Nagar Colony
Khojwan Road, Varanasi
IFSC Code: CBIN0281370
MICR Code: 221016005
Branch Code: 281370

Nagar Mahapalika Varanasi
Sigra Nagar Mahapalika
IFSC Code: CBIN0280197
MICR Code: 221016004
Branch Code: 280197

Lahurabir Varanasi

Piplani Katra, Kabir Road
Lahurabir, Varanasi
IFSC Code: CBIN0280195
MICR Code: 221016003
Branch Code: 280195

Sarnath Varanasi
At & Post Saranath
Dist-Varanasi -221007
Phone no.: 00542 2590384
IFSC Code: CBIN0280999
MICR Code: 221016010
Branch Code: 280999

Varanasi Chowk
P.b. No. 1073, Chowk
IFSC Code: CBIN0280194
MICR Code: 221016002
Branch Code: 280194

ING Vysya Branch in Varanasi

D-64 127-c-h, Ground Floor
Arihant Complex, Sigra
IFSC Code: VYSA0005730
MICR Code: 221064002
Branch Code: 005730

IndusInd Bank Branches in Varanasi

Maansarovar, C-30 35
B, Maldhiya, Varanasi
Phone no.: 0542 2207982, 2207983
IFSC Code: INDB0000037
MICR Code: 221234002
Branch Code: 000037

Andhra Bank
Varanasi, Luxa Raod
Times Building, Varanasi
Phone no.: 0542 239324
IFSC Code: ANDB0000620
MICR Code: 221011002
Branch Code: 000620

Yes Bank Branches in Varanasi

Modern Complex, Plot no- 13
Ward – Chetganj, Gulab Bagh
Sigra, Varanasi - 221003
Phone no.: 919839920265
IFSC Code: YESB0000450

Indian Overseas Bank in Varanasi

C7-34, Lahurabir, Main Crossing
Varanasi - 221001
IFSC Code: IOBA0000370
Branch Code: 000370

102, Station Road, Mallu Talab
Bhadohi - 221401
Phone no.: 0452 2220625
IFSC Code: IOBA0002983
Branch Code: 002983

Glenhill School Varanasi
Gen Hill School Manduadih
Varanasi - 221103
Phone no.: 0542 2373496
IFSC Code: IOBA0001968
Branch Code: 001968

Varanasi Cantonment
52 & 53 Patel Nagar Colony
Near Mint House, Nadeshar
Varanasi Cantonment -221002
IFSC Code: IOBA0001002
Branch Code: 001002

R O Varanasi
2nd Floor, C 32, S Chandua Sigra
Varnasi - 221002
Phone no.: 0522 2287161
IFSC Code: IOBA0002947
Branch Code: 002947

Reserve Police Lines
Reserve Police Line, Pandeypur Road
Varanasi Cantonment, Varanasi – 221002
IFSC Code: IOBA0002164
Branch Code: 002164

UCO Bank in Varanasi

Shivpur, Opp Masjid
Gillet Bazar, Varanasi
Phone no.: 05423 295807
IFSC Code: UCBA0001974
MICR Code: 221028008
Branch Code: 001974

Sudhakar Mahila, Mahavi –dyalaya
Phone no.: 0542 2582891
IFSC Code: UCBA0002011
MICR Code: 221028009
Branch Code: 002011

Service Branch Varanasi
Vishalakshi Building Chowk
IFSC Code: UCBA0002377
Branch Code: 002377

Axis Bank in Varanasi

Lanka Varanasi
Ground Floor, Building No.b 30 69-70-71
Part Of S.m. Plot No. 53
Mauza Nagwa Pargana Dehat Amanat
Lanka Varanasi - 221005
Phone no.: 0542 2369401
IFSC Code: UTIB0000856
MICR Code: 221211003
Branch Code: 000856

Mahmoorganj Varanasi
Axis Bank Ltd, Ground Floor
Araji No 1993, 2002,mauja Tusipur
Mahmoorganj, Varanasi- 221010
Phone no.: 9454160807
IFSC Code: UTIB0002133
MICR Code: 221211005
Branch Code: 002133

Maqbool Alam Road
Ground Floor, S-8107
Varanasi Trade Centre
Maqbool,alam Road
Varanasi - 221002
IFSC Code: UTIB0001691
MICR Code: 221211004
Branch Code: 001691

Varanasi Uttar Pradesh
Tulsi Complex C-19 134
M-b,gr & 1st Flr Shastri Nagar
Sigra, Varanasi – 221002
IFSC Code: UTIB0000287
MICR Code: 221211002
Branch Code: 000287

Syndicate Bank Branches in Varanasi

Varanasi Chowk

Anand Bazar, Godolia Chowk
Varanasi – 221001
IFSC Code: SYNB0008752
MICR Code: 221025003
Branch Code: 008752

Varanasi Chhota Lalpur

Ground Floor Arazi No 12
Mauja Lalpur Anaula
Dr Ghanshyam Pg Col Chhota Lalpur
Varanasi – 221002
IFSC Code: SYNB0008750
Branch Code: 008750

Varanasi Main
Varanasi - 221001
IFSC Code: SYNB0008751
MICR Code: 221025002
Branch Code: 008751

Varanasi Sakpg College
C.k. 15 1 FF, Bulanala
Varanasi – 221001
IFSC Code: SYNB0008753
MICR Code: 221025004
Branch Code: 008753

Punjab National Bank Branches in Varanasi

Ardali Bazar Varanasi
Ardali Bazar
Varanasi - 221002
Phone no.: 0542-2501565, 2500920
IFSC Code: PUNB0298800
MICR Code: 221024005
Branch Code: 298800

Lahurabir Varanasi
Lahurabir Post, Mahamandal
Phone no.: 0542 2354494
IFSC Code: PUNB0369500
MICR Code: 221024006
Branch Code: 369500

Nichibagh Varanasi
Varanasi - 221001
Phone no.: 0542 2413577
IFSC Code: PUNB0046400
MICR Code: 221024002
Branch Code: 046400

Rcc Varanasi
Rcc, Varanasi – 221001
IFSC Code: PUNB0421800
MICR Code: 221024001
Branch Code: 421800

Bhikharipur Varanasi
Bhikharipur, Post Dlw
Phone no.: 0542-2270069
IFSC Code: PUNB0404500
MICR Code: 221024007
Branch Code: 404500

Ravidas Gate, Lanka
Varanasi - 221001
Phone no.: 9369316516
IFSC Code: PUNB0477900
Branch Code: 477900

Awadhoot Ashram
Padao, Varanasi - 221001
Phone no.: 09450530741
IFSC Code: PUNB0494100
Branch Code: 494100

Varanasi Bisheshwarganj Chest
Bisheswarganj, Varanasi - 221001
Phone no.: 5422335236
IFSC Code: PUNB0716100
Branch Code: 716100

Phone no.: 0542 2335236
IFSC Code: PUNB0340100
MICR Code: 221024003
Branch Code: 340100

Mahmoorganj Varanasi

Mahmoorganj, Varanasi
Phone no.: 0542 2220507
IFSC Code: PUNB0186800
MICR Code: 221024004
Branch Code: 186800

Paharia Varanasi
Srinagar Colony
Paharia, Varanasi - 221007
Phone no.: 0542 2582229
IFSC Code: PUNB0497200
Branch Code: 497200

Varanasi Shivpur

Shivpur, Varanasi - 221002
Phone no.: 0542 2282360
IFSC Code: PUNB0476200
Branch Code: 476200

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